Nutrition and diet during pregancy


Nutrition and Diet during pregnancy

A balanced diet is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle generally. The need for a healthy diet is especially important during pregnancy. It is necessary for you to eat a variety of foods that provide all the nutrients that you and your baby need in order to grow and develop healthily.

It is advisable to eat an assortment of fruits, vegetables, starchy foods, protein and dairy products in order to receive the necessary vitamins, minerals, fibre and calcium necessary for you and your developing foetus. It is also important to take a folic acid supplement to ensure that you receive everything you and your baby need.

Certain pre-existing dietary requirements may make it harder to follow nutritional guidelines. However, we are open to any concerns you may have. Our clinicians are here to discuss nutritional necessities and deficiencies and can make sure any necessary tests or referrals are actioned.


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