Allergies and Skin conditions during pregnancy


Allergies and skin conditions


It is common for expectant mothers to come across allergies and skin issues during pregnancy. Changes are to be expected throughout your maternity period as your hormone balance is altered and your immune system may experience some changes and disruption.

New conditions and symptoms may arise but are most likely temporary and disappear after childbirth.

Some pre-existing conditions may exhibit some differentiation during pregnancy. For example, asthma can sometimes improve, worsen or stay the same during pregnancy. Whilst some conditions, such as hay fever, may stay the same, medication may be limited due to your pregnancy. Medical advice should be sought and nasal sprays and eye drops will usually be the initial recommendation.

These new conditions or changes can be unsettling and scary. Our staff of experienced health care professionals are available to answer any queries or questions you may have. They can assess your symptoms and initiate any necessary tests if necessary. This will then put them in the position to provide treatments and preventative measures that help maintain and stabilise these conditions and the alterations they may experience during the pregnancy, so as not to risk your or your baby’s health.





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