Everything you need to know about pregancy.

Ahmeys is one place where you can find peace of mind regarding your pregnancy. We will be with you every step of the way, in both prenatal and postnatal care.

From the moment of conception to childbirth, your body goes through an increasing amount of changes. To initial blood work and confirmation of your pregnancy and throughout the duration of your pregnancy, we will be fully available to provide the care you need to ensure the proper growth and development of both you and your baby.

We can provide you with any information, via a trained professional, that you require as a first-time mother. This includes risks to be aware of and things to avoid. We are there to guide and help you make healthy and well-informed decisions for you and your child.

In any case, where you may experience any complications or concerns, our online staff are at your disposal 24 hours a day.

We are also available for walk-ins. Any symptoms you may be experiencing can be fully assessed and any further treatment, testing and referrals can be made and thoroughly explained to ensure peace of mind and positive pregnancy experience.


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