Robert Bingham suggested in his research people taking good nutrition would never face diseases like Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis. Yet, you see the majority of the older population complaining about stiff and painful joints as soon as they cross 60. That certainly does not mean that Arthritis is Inevitable.

With proper medication and supplementation, the onset of the disease can be prolonged. For instance, A GP at the hospital recommended a suitable diet and supplements to the lady with back pain and immobility of left leg and she was able to live a painless and active life for 7 years until she returned with the same complaint in her late 70s.

Approximately, 9 out 10 people suffer from different types of Arthritis. Have you ever wondered why did that 1 out 10 don’t? Arthritis is a subclass of Rheumatic diseases which includes reactive arthritis, Gout, Poly and fibromyalgia etc.

Getting the right diagnosis should be the main target. In short, the most common types of arthritis are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Let us assume that your body is up-to-date machinery that has been designed in such a way to deliver excellent service. Like every other piece of machinery, the body also goes through the process of wear and tear. Osteoarthritis can generally be explained as inflammation of joints and loss of cartilage due to wear and tear. Some people ignore the early symptoms that are curable until it develops into a serious complication. While Rheumatoid Arthritis is an auto-immune disorder that triggers the inflammatory responses within the body targeting body’s cells.


Ahmeys Clinic has a team of qualified orthopedic doctors, physiotherapists and other surgeons for providing the personalized treatment in all types of Arthritis.
It’s better to seek immediate help of experts on time if you feel

• Pain and Stiffness that doesn’t go away
• Persistent fever
• Sharp pain in your joints especially big toes. (GOUT)


Diagnostic facilties

Ahmeys clinic has wide range of high-end diagnostic techniques being operated by the skilled staff. The diagnosis is made on the basis of different tests and examinations before starting a treatment,
• Laboratory tests to examine fluids and inflammatory biomarkers
• Anti CCP, ANA RF tests are also conducted here.

Once the diagnosis are made, the doctors prescribes medications and certain therapies keeping in mind the final diagnosis
Ahmeys Clinic offers

  • carpal tunnel release
  • Arthroscopy and joint replacement
  • Joint fusion