Immunity is largely defined as your body’s defense system. It is a mechanism of the human body to fight against foreign particles or invaders entering your body. Foreign particles may include the microbes that are tiny infectious living organisms like Viruses, bacteria, etc. or they may be the organs or tissues of the donor after transplantation.Moreover, your immunity is not always inherited but also acquired during different phases of your life.

Currently, the world is facing a global pandemic of Covid and people all over the world are searching for ways to strengthen their immune systems and fight against this deadly virus. The doctors have finally been able to create vaccination for Covid Virus after series of trials and researches. It was diificult since the virus has the capability to modify itself.

Your Immunity depends upon your nutritional status and healthy lifestyle as well. Eating balanced diet with foods that are immunity boosters is slower modus operandi while vaccination is quickest possible method to develop instant immunity. Consequently, shortcuts are what people always prefer.

Mode of action for vaccination involves the introduction of non-virulent antigen into the body to stimulate the production of antibodies. Additionally, antibodies are always inoculated which directly defends the body against infectious entity.

What Ahmey Clinic offer?

Ahmey Clinic is a benchmark of premium quality services that aims to provide the latest and remarkable health facilities to its patients with affordable range.

Ahmey Clinic offers a wide range of vaccinations, as mentioned below.

  • Anti-tetanus vaccine
  • Child Vaccination Program
  • Hepatitis Vaccination
  • Flu vaccination
  • Immuno-suppressants