Stools should be loosely formed, rather than hard. Constipation is characterized by hard fecal matter. With no definitive cause, constipation can even occur if people suppress the urge to defecate. It is generally a condition where a person is unable to pass out fecal material with ease. It has multiple causes ranging from poor diet and hydration to an unhealthy lifestyle. This may occur due to abnormal peristalsis and dysbiosis. Stress also exerts an effect on Gut which may either leads to diarrhea or constipation.


This diseases has been branded as the mother of all diseases. Do you why?
Have you ever heard a constipated person complaining about bloating and flatulence? Yes, you must have! Hard fecal matter slows down the movement of roughage in the intestine giving more time for exposure to toxins and putrefaction. Moreover, people suffering from it constantly complain of having a big belly.
While taking histories from the patients suffering from colorectal cancer and diverticulosis, GPs observed a trend that most of the patients with these diseases suffer from chronic constipation. Chronic constipation can be fatal as it can lead to hemorrhoids and bleeding piles if required immediate medical attention.


So, the initial step to solving the problem of constipation is to bring modifications to your diet and lifestyle. Ahmeys Clinic has top certified gastroenterologists, physicians, and Diet experts. The experts will get your history to find out the root cause of constipation and will prescribe the solution and individualized treatment accordingly.

  • Highly qualified surgeons are available at Ahmey’s Clinic to perform surgeries for piles and hemorrhoids.
  • The clinic offers the services of colonic therapy to relieve constipation
  • You can consult our psychologists for your stress related gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Dietary and lifestyle modification and guidance for the patients.
  • Personalized approach to treat Diverticulosis and colo-rectal cancer.