Everything you need to know about allergies, medication, treatment and much more.


An allergic reaction is your body’s immune system responding to a substance as a threat. Common allergies include dust, grass, pollen and certain foods.

Allergies are very common, with 1 in 4 people in the UK experiencing them at some point during their lives.

The development of allergies is common within children. Some can subside over time, but many are lifelong conditions. Even adults, who previously did not have an allergy to a particular substance, can develop one.

Many allergic reactions are mild and can be kept under control, with no long-lasting debilitating effects. However, there are some allergic conditions that, although uncommon, are severe and potentially life-threatening.

At Ahmeys, our healthcare professionals are well situated to provide advice on treatment to help manage those with allergies.

After a review of your symptoms and provided medical history a thorough check-up will be undertaken. Once those steps have been implemented, further tests will be recommended to ensure a quick and reliable diagnosis.

Treatment options will then be made available to you with further explanations of the course of treatment and any potential side-effects. If you experience any adverse effects, dosages are available to be adjusted or alternate medication provided by one of our experts. If an allergy is found to be particularly severe or it is unclear what you are allergic to, referral for further testing from an allergy specialist can be made.

Those with both mild and severe allergies will benefit from these services as a greater understanding of your allergic condition can result in more efficient, and potentially life-saving, treatment.






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