Since, the people are becoming beauty conscious, everyone wants to look beautiful and desires a flawless skin. Sometimes, your skin falls prey to a common skin disease called Acne. Unfortunately, large number of world population is affected by Acne, a skin ailment categorized by clogged pores and pimples. The disease is not only restricted to the face but affects your upper and shoulders as well. Symptoms include whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, and blemishes at the affected areas.

We all know that every individual is born with different skin type, oily, dry or combination of both. Acne mostly affects the oily skin as it is an excellent medium for the bacteria to grow.  The oil clogs the pores and bacteria residing in the clogged pores prompting an immune system that result in the formation of pimples containing pus.

The common misconception among the people is that it mainly affects the teenagers. People of all age group suffer from this skin condition but the prevalence is high among teenagers. One of the major culprits for acne outbreak is Hormonal disturbance. When the hormones are disturbed, they increase the secretion of Oil thereby blocking hair follicles to form painful zits which sometimes becomes inflammed due to the presence of bacteria.

Long Ago, Acne was treated with natural home remedies. THe home remedies are still favored but now different minimal invasive techniques have been developed and are available in the market at affordable prices. These minimally invasive techniques give quicker result and are highly effective.

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